We receive a lot of demand for high quality USB-A 2.0 Splitter Cables and have recently developed an entire new range. We currently stock USB-A male to dual female and USB-A female to dual male but have further versions on the way to accommodate all USB interfaces. 

USB 2.0 Y Splitter Cables Male to Dual Female or Female to Dual Male

Importantly, these cables have different features on offer. Some of them are dual data, some are dual power, and some feature one cord for power and one for data. Our most in demand and popular seller is the latter, but we have a very special new addition on the way which can offer both dual data AND dual power. 

These cables we can customise for your business or project needs. Need a USB-A on one end and a USB-B on the other? No problem. Need your company logo added (in place of ours)? No problem. 

Please do reach out to us if you have any queries regarding these cables or any of the other customisable products we offer.