OCuLink (SFF-8611 4i) to U.2 U.3 (SFF-8639) NVME PCIe PCI-Express SSD Cable

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PCI Express 4.0 supports 64Gb/s bandwidth under X16 specification. The PCIe4.0 innovation has increased the communication bandwidth between the graphics card and the CPU by 2 times.

OCuLink cables can be used inside and outside the PC. When used inside the PC, it can provide greater flexibility; when used outside the PC, the Oculink cable is an ultra-low-cost I/O solution.

Host: OCuLink SFF-8611 male; Target:1 x U.2 SFF-8639 female, 1 x SATA 15 pin power plug.

System requirements: A free OCuLink interface.

Data transfer rate up to 16 Gbps.

Impedance: 85 Ohm

Cable gauge: 33 AWG data line,18 + 24 AWG power line.

Cable Length: 0.5m /  0.8m

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