Mini SAS SFF-8643 to U.2 SFF-8639 U2 NVME SSD Data Cable 12Gbps 0.8m

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12GB/s Mini SAS HD 4i plug (SFF-8643 36P) to U.2 plug (SFF-8639 68P) cable with SATA power
Connector 1: 1 x SFF-8643 male; Connector 2: 1 x U.2 SFF-8639 male + 1 x SATA 15-pin female connector
Data transfer rate: PCI Express rev 2.0 is up to 2 GB/sec; PCI Express rev 3.0 is up to 4 GB/sec. PCIe Gen 3 4 lanes = 4 GB/s X 4 = 16 GB/s
Conductor diameter: 32 AWG data wire; 24 AWG power wire
Supports all NVMe SSD

External hard drive cable Mini SAS HD SFF 8643 to 4 SFF 8639 with 15P power supply new generation SAS storage interface, and provides a new Mini-SAS HD product portfolio. The product meets the signal bandwidth requirements of 6Gb/s to 12Gb/s or the corresponding SAS 2.1 and proposed SAS 3.0 industry standard signal specifications.
The system also provides a greater linear circuit board port density (port to port 11 mm) than the previous SAS interconnect system (port to port linear port density is only 19.01 mm)
Mini-SAS HD products fully comply with SFF-8643 (internal application) and SFF-8644 (external application) industry specifications.
Connector: SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 12G
Cable specifications
Internal connector A: 1 x 36-pin HD Mini SAS SFF-8643 male with latch
Internal connector B: 1 x 68-pin U.2 SFF-8639 male
Power connector: 15-pin SATA socket
Colour: Black
Material: Copper

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