6.35mm TRS Stereo Male to Dual 6.35mm TRS Stereo Female Splitter Cable 3m

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This 6.35mm Male to Dual Female Y Splitter cable is designed to split (duplicate) one stereo into two. 

  • Ideal for use as a headphone adaptor by allowing you to adapting one headphone jack in to two headphones.
  • Compatible with microphone, headphone, amplifiers, AV receiver, karaoke and etc.
  • Heavy Duty Gold-Plated Metal 6.35mm Plug and Sockets are resistant to corrosion, provide durability and improve the signal transmission.
  • 20 AWG 4N Oxygen Free Copper with shielding ensure high fidelity sound quality and provide maximum conductivity and signal clarity. A great choice for music lovers. 
  • Perfect for studio or live performances.

NOTE: This 1/4 splitter adapter cable takes a stereo signal and converts it into two separate stereo outputs, it's can not combine two outputs into one input.

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