Belkin HDMI - HDMI, HDMI Type A (Standard) Male to Male Cable Black 1M

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BELKIN AUDIO VIDEO CABLES: ENJOY YOUR HDTV, MOVIES, GAMING & MORE\n\nConnect your Blu-ray® player, gaming console or other HD device to an HDTV. The Belkin HDMI® Cable with Ethernet is perfect for connecting Wi-Fi enabled devices to your Internet-enabled HDTV to stream movies, listen to music and view content.\n\nWORKS WITH:\n\n- Mac\n- MacBook\n- Tablets\n- Laptops/Ultrabook™\n- Apple TV\n- Mac mini\n- Game Consoles\n- Blu-ray®/DVD Players\n\nTHE BELKIN DIFFERENCE\n\n- Provides full 1080p support\n- 3D Compatible\n- 4K Cinema resolution\n- Built-in audio return channel for smooth sound\n- Up to 120Hz refresh rate for a clear picture\n- Built-in Ethernet with 10.2 Gbps bandwidth speed\n- 24K Gold-plated connectors to minimize signal loss\n- Belkin Quality Assurance\n\nGET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HDTV\n\nUnleash the world of full 1080p HD cinema-quality movies at home. With bandwidth speeds of up to 10.2Gbps, the Belkin HDMI Cable with Ethernet is designed for home theater enthusiasts who demand the most from their HDTV and high-end AV equipment. The cable also features a built-in audio return channel for smooth sound and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz for a clear picture that reduces blurring during fast-action scenes. In addition, you can enjoy all your 3D movies just as you would in the theater with 3D-compatibility.\n\nBELKIN QUALITY ASSURANCE\n\n24K Gold-plated connectors minimize signal loss, while 2-layer shielding restricts outside interference. The Belkin High-Speed HDMI Cable surpasses industry standards to deliver exceptional picture and sound. AV Cables from Belkin are constructed to achieve peak performance to give you the best viewing experience possible.\n\nWe're serious about quality. That's why every Belkin HDMI cable is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. So if your cable is ever damaged, send it back and we'll be happy to replace it.

Supported video modes: 1080p

Cable length: 1m

Audio Return Channel (ARC): Yes

3D: Yes

Data Transfer Rate: 10.2 Gbit/s

Maximum refresh rate: 120Hz

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