EnerGenie MIHO005 smart plug White 3000 W

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Mi|Home Smart Plug+\n\nThe MiHome Smart Plug+ is a transmitter and receiver and therefore will let the user know when an action has been carried out and the current status of their device. It also provides for energy monitoring. It allows you to monitor the power being used by an attached appliance and switch the adapter on and off from anywhere in the world via the MiHome App. The Smart Plug+ can also be used with our other features such as timers. This means you are able to turn on and off the adapters at pre-set times based on your settings in the App. As well as timers, it can be controlled with IFTTT, this allows you to turn them on using the weather, ESPN, facebook to name but a few. It also means they can be used in conjunction with the Phillips Hue and Nest. The device also has Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility. Monitor energy consumption of any electrical device you plug in to this adapter PLUS control it from wherever you are FREE iOS and Android App, plus browser interface High-accuracy chip provides real-time energy use, monitors 2W - 3'120W Provides instant and cumulative energy use Switch on/off via the Mi|Home App or set timers, use geofencing or IFTTT to control automatically.

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