e-SATA Male to SATA Female Adapter with Locking Latch

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This product converts the redundant SATA data interface on a computer into an e-SATA data interface, which can then be connected to e-SATA devices such as e-SATA mobile hard disks, and is suitable for users who do not have an e-SATA interface on the computer to expand the e-SATA interface

The SATA interface of the product is designed with iron buckle (shrapnel), which allows the product to be more closely integrated with the computer SATA connector, and it is not easy to cause the connector to loosen when plugging and unplugging the e-SATA!

Small size, convenient to travel.

Quick and easy conversion of SATA and ESATA interface conversion.

High-speed data transmission, exquisite workmanship, high-quality materials.

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