USB-C to Dual 6.35mm 2-in-1 Audio Instrument Cable For Guitar / Recording / Playing Music 3m

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This extremely versatile audio cable from innov8® gives you a range of uses via USB-C to 6.35mm audio devices. 

The dual 6.35mm jacks allow for connection to an input device or an output device. This opens up the functionality of the cable for a wide use of applications such as:

  • Connect your guitar to your iPad Pro (USB-C edition) to record directly into Garageband without the need for complicated hubs and adapters. 
  • Connect your USB-C device to an external speaker with a 6.35mm jack for perfect audio output.

Playing & Recording 2-in-1 Audio Connector: This usb-c guitar cable has Two 1/4 inch jacks which can be chosen to use input or output arbitrarily. 1 x TS jack for Line-in audio recording such as guitar to laptop. 1 x TRS jack for Line-out audio Transmit or Playing , like cellphone to mixer or tablets to speaker. PLEASE NOTE: Independent channel, so both jacks cannot be used together such as splitter stereo to mono.

Simplify Audio Transmission: As this 6.35mm to usb-c converter has both IN & OUT functionality, the portable devices like cellphones, tablets, laptops can be involved more into our work. Audio mixing, recording, audio data processing can now be done in one device & this device can be with you anywhere anytime, instead of a fixed place. You can have a portable studio with this 1/4 usb-c linker.

Hi-Res 24bit/96Khz Signal: Comparing with other guitar usb cable's 16bit/44Khz quality, this cable's newest generation DAC chip doubles the data to max 24bit/96Khz. An ideal choice for making HIFI music. The faster decoding speed will also helpful for reducing lagging when recording.

Wide Compatibility: Perfect for electric instruments like: Guitar, Bass, Piano Keyboard, Organ, Microphone.

And devices like: Mixing Consoles, Audiobox, Amp, Monitor Headphone, Speaker, Home Theater, Effector, Equalizer, Decoder, Metronome, Pickups, Pedals.

And systems like: Windows XP / VISTA / Win7 / Win 8 / Win 10, Mac OS X . Softwares like GarageBand,Music Studio,Logic X Pro, Amplitude,Yousician, Audacity.

Cable length: 3m

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