USB-C to USB 2.0 Type B OTG Cable for MIDI Audio Devices and Professional Recording

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This USB-C to USB-B (Printer Connection) cable is the perfect high quality choice for your recording studio or home music space. It is incredibly easy to use. Simply connect the USB-B 2.0 MIDI plug into the appropriate port on your keyboard or device. Next connect the USB-C connector into your USB-C interface device.

The cable features a built-in driver for super convenient plug and play connectivity. It supports all standard MIDI interface devices on the market including but not limited to MIDI keyboards, electric pianos, electronic drum kits, electric guitar FX , MIDI controllers, and also for printers and scanners. The USB-C connector is also widely compatible with laptops, tablets and smart phones and other USB-C interfaces devices.

Don’t settle for low quality options. Our cable features a complete moulding process with a high quality aluminium alloy shell, and multi-layer high density shielding structure. This not only improves durability and resilience, but also prevents EMI/RFI interference, ensuring you can benefit from crystal clear high fidelity MIDI data transmission. 

Designed for professional use, a built-in high performance FPT processing chip ensures accurate and delay free recording of every note.  

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