USB Type C to USB 2.0 Type B Male MIDI Interface Printer Scanner Cable 1m


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This versatile USB-C to USB-B cable can be used for a wide range of applications, including connecting to MIDI interfaces found on keyboads, digital pianos, guitar FX and so on. Additionally it funtions perfectly as a cable for your printer or scanner. 

  • Plug and play - extremely easy to use. Just connect up and you are good to go. Supports all standard MIDI interfaces. 
  • Widely compatible - works perfectly with printers, scanners instruments and any device where you need to bridge a connection between USB-C and USB-B
  • Ultra-durable - high quality craftsmanship ensure this cable is long lasting and built for repeated use. The cable has been tested for 10,000 90 degree bends. 
  • 1m

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