We are a leading global supplier and manufacturer of cable and networking solutions

About us

For over a decade, Innov8 have been market-leading specialists in supplying quality cable solutions to businesses and consumers across the globe.

Our customers value us for our know-how, flexibility, and supply chain management, which allow us to provide a comprehensive service that can incorporate customised cable solutions if required, and also adhere to strict production and delivery deadlines. 

Connectivity for Productivity

In this fast moving world we are well aware of changing technologies and the need to adapt to the changing needs of businesses. We know that for any organisation to drive forward and fulfil its potential it needs to remain productive. This is where we at Innov8 strive to be your ultimate partners. We can provide you with the solutions that you need to develop, enhance, and maintain your productive processes. 

At the heart of how we operate are three key values.

Strength in partnership

We challenge the standardised conception of the business / client relationship and instead see our customers as partners. By adopting this vantage point we are better positioned to understand the needs of our customers and deliver an unrivalled service. By working together, we are able to facilitate mutual and maximum growth.


We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, in addition to the changing world. Flexibility is integral to our process as it encapsulates the need to respond to broader technological and global changes, but also, through a narrower lens,  the need to provide customers with the solutions that they need. Even if you cannot find what you need on our site, we are specialists in providing customised solutions tailored to your requirements. 

Striving to exceed expectations

We aim to always go above and beyond what is expected and it is this approach and philosophy which has enabled us to build strong relationships with customers all over the world. We are focused on customer satisfaction and are here to provide a comprehensive service from point of contact, to order completion and beyond. 


From manufacturing through to quality testing, packaging and logistics we only use state of the art equipment.

This ensures we successfully provide the very best product time after time.


We have our own manufacturing department which specialises in product design and creation. In addition we can provide bespoke services that go way beyond making your product. We can also offer a complete design service for your product that includes logos, branding, packaging and much more.

Why choose Innov8?

Bespoke Solutions

Secure Payment

Fast Service

Free UK Delivery

Our experience and supply-chain control means the service we provide is not only of the highest calibire, it is also non-exhaustive. We offer a customer focused approach that is second-to-none. As a UK based company we know what our customers need and we provide this with no short-cuts.