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Welcome to our product builder!

We pride ourselves on being able to offer customers unique solutions that are specific to their needs. Our product builder is where you can request a quotation for a cable to suit your project or application. 


How It Works

Simply use the tool on this page to select your connector types, connector angles, and cable length. You can also choose to upload your company logo if you wish and we can add this to the cables for you to give a high quality, classy finish. 

On the request form you can also add further information if you have special requirements, pertaining to cable gauge, colour, panel mounts, strain relief and so on. 

Once our product team receives your request aim to provide you with a quotation within 24 hours. 


Can you customise cables other than USB?

Yes we can customise almost any type of cable and connector that you need. It just so happens that the USB and RJ45 options are the most popular which is why they are given pride of place within our Product Builder. If you need something else, whether it be HDMI, Motherboard Headers, AUX cables or anything not shown here, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

If you have a cable design or drawings this is always helpful, but we ultimately just need all dimensions and to understand what the cable is being used for. One of our experts can then make recommendations and offer design mock-ups or drawings for your approval. 

What is the minimum order quantity? 

We typically have a minimum order quantity of 200 pieces for customised cables providing the customisation can be achieved with materials and connectors we already use and only small adjustments are required. 

If we are building a cable for you from scratch then a full customisation will require a MOQ of 1000 pieces. There may be additional costs incurred for creating a new mould but we will discuss this with you once we have the details of exactly what you need, as this depends largely on the connectors you require.  

On some occasions, we may already stock a version of the cable you need, or a suitable alternative. So if you need fewer than 200 then please do reach out to us as we may still be able to help. 

Is there a charge for adding my logo?

No, we include this service as an optional extra for free. 

What is the lead time for most orders?

Lead times vary from 10 days up to 5 weeks, depending in the complexity of the order and the number of pieces required. For example, adding logos to products post-production would add a few extra days onto the lead time. 

Do you offer Certificates of Conformity for customised products?

Yes we have CoC and can get these in place for your customised products if required. As we are a global supplier we typically will tailor these to your location and needs. 

How it works?

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