10Pin Female to 10Pin Female Audio Input Cable

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10 pin female to 10 pin female (F/F) audio input cable compatible with TV receiver, TV, monitor, projector, audio and video receiver, etc.

S-Video called Separate Video, in order to achieve better video effects, S-Video (also known as two component video interface), Separate Video means that the Video signal is transmitted separately, that is, on the basis of the AV interface to separate the chrominance signal C and luminance signal Y, and then separately in different channels for Video equipment with S-Video interface (such as analog video capture/editing card TV and quasi-professional monitor TV card/TV box and video projection equipment, etc.), compared with the AV interface because it no longer Y/C mixed transmission, so there is no need to separate the brightness and color and decoding work, and due to the use of their independent transmission channels to a large extent to avoid the video equipment within the The use of separate transmission channels largely avoids image distortion caused by signal crosstalk within the video equipment, greatly improving the clarity of the image.

Applicable to: TV receivers , TVs, monitors, projectors, audio-video receivers and other products.

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