3.5mm AUX Male TRS to 6.35mm Male TS Audio Stereo HiFi Coiled Cable 1.8m

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High quality Innov8® 3.5mm TRS to 6.35mm TS audio cable featuring 24k Gold-plated connectors and dual layer shielding for superior sound, durability and longevity. 

  • Bi-directional: The cable can transfer audio signals in both directions, meaning you can connect the 3.5mm end to your tablet, Mp3 player or smart phone and play music through your speaker system - OR you can connect your 6.35mm audio device to a 3.5mm output. 
  • High quality materials: Silver-plated copper, gold-plated connectors, sturdy jacket, alloy connector housing, high density shielding. 
  • Dual shielding provides excellent protection and sound isolation, ensuring you get a full and delicate tone.
  • Stereo Surround Sound: Along with the dual shielding, gold-plated connectors provide reliable performance and reduce signal loss. The result is Hi-Fi Surround sound and an immersive music experience. Perfect for recording or for live performances. 
  • Balanced transmission, but please note this will not work for a microphone. 
  • Super durability:  The cable has been bend tested over 15000 times.
  • Coiled design offers both portability and length all in one. The cable stretches to 1.8m. 

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